The essence of
is to make
life more prosperous

We add unique value
to daily life
by filling your day with
vibrant experiences

LIFEPLUS is your life companion
that provides you various solutions
throughout your life cycle.

Delivering prosperity

to our customers

Mission Life Enhancing

Our goal is to enrich your life
as a life companion

Essence Solution for Life

We offer a variety of financial,
non-financial offerings, services
and experiences which you will
need throughout your life.

Image Your everyday life becomes
special with LIFEPLUS by your side
Sensory Experience The five senses
we use every day,
the four areas of
sensory experience
ART Visual experience that inspires your life with a creative perspective
MUSIC Auditory experience that refreshes your life with a rich emotion
SPORTS Physical experience that rewards your life with a challenging goal
GOURMET Sense of taste that delights your life with new flavors
Business Financial solutions
that enrich life

LIFEPLUS, along with Hanwha
Financial Affiliates,

will be your companion
to a prosperous life