From the Era
of “Settlement”
to the Era of “Flux”

We have left behind the era of settlement and entered the era of flux.
Life becomes more rewarding when we embrace it with enthusiasm and vitality.
That is why LIFEPLUS is dedicated to enhancing every moment of your life with value.
In the ever-changing stream of life, you can find your own equilibrium
by adopting an adventurous
and active outlook.


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LIFEPLUS aims to foster a stable lifestyle that is sustained by such balance. Through the dynamics of a constantly evolving and growing life, we hope that LIFEPLUS's values will inspire positive transformations and growth in each individual's life.

What aspects of LIFEPLUS attracted you enough to take on
this project?

I wanted to create a symbol that reminds us of “life.”
To express life, I had to come up with a certain form
that could represent the essence of life, which is
always in a state of flux.

In the future, life insurance and finance won’t be
merely about preparing for unexpected circumstances like disease and death. It piqued my interest when I
heard that Hanwha has reflected deeply on the
question of what happiness is and what it means to
lead a vibrant life in today’s society where average
life expectancy is approaching 100 years.

Creative Director Kenya Hara
Photo credit 関口尚志 (Takashi Sekiguchi)

I see LIFE MEETS LIFE as a slogan that highlights how various forms
of life coexist as opposed to one solitary life; the meaning of society as “us”
the connections among nature, plants, insects, and other lifeforms; and how all
of them give voice to their respective sounds together, creating one shared
happiness for humanity and life as a whole.

Kenya Hara

What design philosophy was adopted
in the design process?

While designing the logo, we thought a lot about the concept of “movement.” That’s because what we wanted to express was contemporary human life in motion
without pause.

Designer Angsuya Kunchaethong

The brand mark was based on the said idea and inspired by the vibrancy of things and their pivotal moments in pursuit of change.
In line with this image, an animated logo was also designed to express life that never stops changing as well as the idea of dynamic movement itself. But the narrative we are trying to weave together here is the “importance of the journey.” I believe, only those who experience the diversity and magnificence of the world through life’s myriad journeys can discover a genuine sense of being alive.

Creative Director Kenya Hara

What do you think is needed in life?

We want people to lead better lives. We want them to have peace of mind, live the lives they want, and do what they want to do. We also want people to have a strong financial foundation that allows them to obtain what they need, if not make them rich.

Designer Angsuya Kunchaethong

Charlie Chaplin once said, “All it takes is courage, imagination … and a little dough.” This quote resonated with me. I too believe basic financial stability is necessary for a good life. Money lets you move forward. But if you neglect the importance of it, you may lose credibility in business or social circles, so I think stable finances are crucial.

Creative Director Kenya Hara


LIFEPLUS’s philosophy of creating lasting value beyond mere existence is reflected in the consistent use of fonts.
The fonts capture the positive outlook on life that is embraced in daily living and harmonize with the design elements around them.
Each letter in the fonts conveys a dynamic spirit that suits a contemporary brand.


고객의 삶을 함께하며 풍요로움을 전달합니다.

고객의 삶을 함께하며 풍요로움을 전달합니다.

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Everyday becomes a special day

Everyday becomes a special day